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What Is a Junk Yard??

What Is a Junk Yard?

A junk yard is also known as a salvage yard, a scrap yard, or an auto salvage yard. A junkyard is a huge square that gathers various kinds of old, used, damaged, wrecking scraps, such as junk cars for cash and auto parts waiting to be recycled or disposed of. Among which, auto salvage yards specifically focus on salvage vehicles and parts transactions. You can not only sell scrap cars to junkyards and get paid immediately, but also purchase used vehicles in good working condition or useful auto parts!

When Should I Junk My Car to Salvage Yards Near Me?

When Should I Junk My Car to Salvage Yards Near Me?

It’s time for you to junk your wrecking car when the driving risks and costs of preserving it climb as it ages. You may be bothered about the scrap car “body” lying in your courtyard, but can’t move it out by yourself or get cash for cars to reduce your loss.

Fortunately, you have several choices to move your idle vehicles. You can call a local junk yard for wrecking cars or find private buyers to negotiate details by yourself, which may be exhausting and unsafe. YardsNearMe is a convenient and safe-guaranteed channel for you to remove and sell junk cars quickly. It will provide you with the offer at the best price and help you make a quick and fast choice about recycling cars and avoid defraud!

What Can YardsNearMe Help Me Find a Junkyard?

If you’d like to find scrap yards but aren’t sure how to, YardsNearMe can help make it easier for you to act. A completely free selling system for junk cars is ready for instant payment deals in auto salvage yards!

YardsNearMe provides the nearest junkyards to help you find all auto salvage yards information you may need according to the location or car brand. Also, you can contact us directly and sell your car swiftly and efficiently in YardsNearMe!

What Can YardsNearMe Help Me Find a Junkyard?

Why Choose YardsNearMe?

  • Simple and Fast Transaction Procedure

    You can conduct a car trade easily! A car transaction with a used car buyer in YardsNearMe involves a simple work-flow, which adheres to reduce your time and energy cost.

  • Safe and Assured Offer at Market Price

    You can receive safe and assured offers at the best price with YardsNearMe. No online or offline fraud!

    Online and face-to-face communication are both available for you. YardsNearMe will only show you licensed salvage yards and we refuse illegal dealers and defrauders to join our list. We are determined to assure a safe and sound deal environment!

  • Free Trailers Service

    You will enjoy trailer service to pick your junk car up after contacting and accepting an offer. One of the biggest problems when you sell your car is that you can’t move it away by yourself. YardsNearMe is here to help! We will send pickup personnel to tow your vehicle when you need it!

  • Free Goal-Oriented Search

    You can find the nearest place to get cash for selling your junk car easily with YardsNearMe. We are dedicated to providing goal-oriented search navigation by sorting results into location-first and brand-first.

    YardsNearMe offers comprehensive information about junk yards near you as it is supported by a powerful system to process tasks. We stick to becoming one of the strongest platforms for auto recycling.

  • Instant Payment

    You can sell your car for cash near you instantly with YardsNearMe. No delay and long vehicle inspection with our services. You will see what an instant and high-efficiency service should look like!

How Can I Use YardsNearMe to Sell Used Vehicles Instantly?

  • 01

    Tell us car details

    Enter to clarify your car details and get your good-priced offer promptly!

  • 02

    Accept the best offer

    Choose the best offer you want and then we will arrange further services to simplify the procedure.

  • 03

    Enjoy towing services

    Enjoy the junk car removal service we provide for free to clear the clunker in your courtyard or garage.

  • 04

    Get paid after pickup

    Immediate payment is assured after pickup! Sell your car to us and realize a large amount of money now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to use YardsNearMe?

    You need to pay nothing to use YardsNearMe. It is a totally FREE website for you to sell your junk car!

  • How to sell my junk car?

    You can sell your junk car by contacting YardsNearMe. Contacting and negotiating with us will bring you the best-price offer and the most efficient deal.

  • How long can I make a deal?

    The time cost rests with your location, the car weight and the time of day you order in YardsNearMe. Short-distance order early on the day would be finished faster than that of long-distance and heavy weight.

  • How do I move my car to the salvage yards near me?

    You can interact with the buyers of junk cars you find in YardsNearMe and choose a pickup service. According to your location and the vehicle weight, the junkyard will decide whether to charge a fee or not for picking up your car.

  • When should I sell my car?

    It’s time to sell your car when its fixing cost and driving cost surge as it ages. Dangers to drive an aging car should not be ignored, especially issues on constant overheating caused by inefficient cooling systems, brake trouble, engine trouble, paint damage, wheel bubbles and damage.

  • How do these junkyards determine my car's value?

    Car value is mainly determined according to the vehicle condition. Meanwhile, other factors would be considered when we price a junk car, such as auto’s location, model, wreck data and so on. A comparatively new car in good working condition near the junk yard would be value-promised.

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