Junk Car Removal

What comes to mind when you think about selling your junk car? Is it the time or the money? YardsNearMe will help you with both. Save hours of your time and get the highest market price for your junk car with YardsNearMe.

Junk Car Removal Near Me

Junk Car Removal Near Me

While your local junkyard can give you a good price for the junk car, it is not necessary that it is a fair price. It might have working parts that could be much more in value. Therefore, it is always better to rely on an expert that is trustworthy and gives you the best deal.

YardsNearMe is the perfect platform that will make your experience seem effortless. Additionally, it will complete the deal in a matter of seconds and pay in cash right there and then. Talk about excellent and quick customer support!

Be it any condition, YardsNearMe will ensure that you get the best price for your junk car and leave happy.

Why Choose YardsNearMe for Junk Car Pick Up Services?

YardsNearMe is a highly convenient yet quick solution to sell your junk vehicle on the spot. It has certain impeccable features that make you want to deal with them.

  • YardsNearMe can help you sell the metal scraps and working parts of the vehicle separately while ensuring the best market price for both
  • YardsNearMe will also ensure that you have the most seamless and effective customer support experience
  • YardsNearMe takes care of all the paperwork for you on your behalf
  • YardsNearMe ascertains that you get the best possible and highest price in the market for your junk car
  • YardsNearMe also provides a home pickup service eliminating the need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to get rid of your junk car
  • No need to wait for the check to clear when YardsNearMe.com ensures immediate cash payment on the spot
  • YardsNearMe also provides a home pickup service eliminating the need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to get rid of your junk car

How to Get Cash for Junk Cars with YardsNearMe?

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    Enter your vehicle details on the YardsNearMe website such as the name, brand, model, year of manufacturing, and working parts of the vehicle

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    In a matter of minutes, you will receive the best possible cash for cars online quote for your junk car

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    Now that the price is right in front of you, you can choose to go ahead with it or even decide otherwise

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    If you decide to go ahead with the offer, YardsNearMe will arrange to pick up the vehicle right from your doorstep and pay you the offered amount immediately in cash

Benefits of Junk Car Removal

Using a professional for your junk car removal might seem like a far-fetched idea when you can do the same at your local garage or mechanic. But it is imperative for people to know how professional junk car removal services such as YardsNearMe can better help you with selling or recycling your vehicle.

  • PriceEliminated Carbon Footprint:

    Think about all the good you will do for the environment by selling your junk car. These services will use the good parts or rebuild the vehicle, if possible. If not, you can always count on them to recycle the parts and metal scraps in an ethically-appropriate way.

  • Get the Estimated Price Beforehand:

    You can check the price you can get for your vehicle before going out and meeting with the professionals. These prices are generally higher than the competitive market prices to ensure that the customers get a fair price for their car.

  • No Need to Leave Your House:

    Junk car removal services ascertain that they tow or pick up the car from the address provided by you. Thus, ensuring that you do not have to leave your house even for dropping off the vehicle.

  • Save Money:

    If your car has been taking up a lot of repairs, you need to give it away at a junk car removal because it might not be feasible to keep spending money on it. YardsNearMe helps you with the same.


What Our Clients Say?

  • Brian

    2004 Chevy

    Thanks to the team at YardsNearMe. They were able to get me a good price for my old truck. Super easy process that occurred as promised. It only takes 10 minutes for them to come to pick my junk truck after I made the call. Finally, I can get myself out of these pieces of scrap steels.

  • Wendy

    2004 Chevy

    We highly recommend YardsNearMe to anyone looking to get rid of an old car in less-than-stellar condition. After a minor issue submitting our car on the website, I contacted them and received a reply in less than 10 minutes. (And this was at 4:30 in the afternoon.) We had a satisfactory offer within half an hour and were contacted later that evening to arrange for pick-up. Our car was gone and I had the cash in hand by lunchtime the next day.

  • Shannon

    2008 Saturn

    Seriously, the easiest and fast way to sell an unwanted car. I received an offer, within 24 hours I had a check for the agreed amount, and the car was picked up from my home. If you are expecting top dollar for your car because it runs you are better off selling on Craigslist because that is not how YardsNearMe works. It is all about demand! Receiving an offer is so painless you might as well see what you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do They Do with My Car After Buying It?

    Each car goes through a different phase after getting sold. Depending on its needs, it will either be salvaged, repaired for reselling or taken for its parts. In some cases where required, your car might also be sent for recycling.

  • What Conditions Do You Buy Cars In?

    YardsNearMe does not differentiate. Any and every car, any make or any model, any color or brand, functional or non-functional, can be sold on YardsNearMe without a doubt.

  • What Charges Do I Have to Pay to Sell My Car?

    Nil. Nothing. Zero. That is what you have to pay. All you need to give YardsNearMe is a few moments of your time to give details about your vehicle. They will take care of the rest while you can sit at home and enjoy your day.

  • How Much Do I Get for My Junk Car?

    The amount at which your car will be bought depends on certain factors such as the make & model of the car, The year of manufacturing, the working conditions, and so on. Therefore, there is no standard price for any car.

  • Is This Service Available Everywhere?

    You can give the address and YardsNearMe will pick up your vehicle at your convenience.

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